Consultations and Piloting

In general, Mycal does not give consultations; he dedicates his time to writing for all humanity and teaching large groups as that is how he achieves the Greater Good for the Greater Number for the Long Term.

However, he sometimes accepts to give individual or group consultations if the questions raised are sufficiently unique, interesting or complex.

The donation (tax deductible) is $1000.00 and the consultation lasts lasts from one to two hours, followed up with a call to see how the person is progressing in resolving the question or problem presented. This money is paid to the Psycanics Science Institute, Inc. 501(c)3, is used for the World Transformation Project and is tax deductible.

If you would like a consultation, please use the contact from and be very specific on your question. That information is used both to deciding whether to give the consultation and to conserve time by your not having to ask and explain the question in the consultation. Mycal may respond with an email asking more questions before the consultation.

You also have the option to consult the question with a teacher-pilot who is a graduated student of Mycal at a much lower cost of $125 per hour.