Mycal Powell

Mystic, Philosopher & Spiritual Teacher

Discoverer of Quantum Ontology, Psycanics, Essentiality and their technologies

“The only Truth is the Essence of Everything”

Who is Mycal?

Mycal is the discoverer of Essentiality and Psycanics, and the Founder of The Enlightenment Organization, Psycanics Science Institute, and The Essentiality School for Accelerated Enlightenment.

He is an enlightened being operating a human body. He has awakened from the Human Dream and the illusion of the physical universe. He recovered full awareness of being an immortal spirit, recovering perception of and communication with the Creator, and channels Her teachings so that others can achieve their own enlightenment.


Mycal’s mission is to teach those who wish, how to awaken, how to recuperate their true and innate divinity, and how to perceive their connection with the Creator, Infinite Love, and Joy

He dedicated his life to developing technologies of both personal and spiritual development to show the world how life really works based on precise laws and principles.

He began his studies and research in 1982, fascinated by mysticism and spirituality. In 1986, he founded a school in Mexico to teach others, and as of 2019 he has 60 students who have also awakened.

His Legacy

Mycal returned to Essence on March 10, 2024, leaving his human body and avatar. 
Transcending to higher levels of consciousness.

During the last 15 years of his life, Mycal trained and guided a select group of spiritual teachers who currently keep the knowledge alive and dedicate their lives to continue his mission.

The Enlightenment Organization (THEO), the Psycanics Science Institute (PSI) and the Essentiality School for Enlightenment (ESE), are in full operation giving courses and seminars focused on supporting the transformation of consciousness worldwide with over 100 active students worldwide.

Mycal's mission highlights

To catalyze a global Transformation of Consciousness from materiality to spirituality, from avidya and drama to Oneness and Love as the basis of all existence. To unify humanity under One True Spirituality and unify spirituality with physical science. These will transform human life on the planet to cooperation, self-realization, abundance and happiness for all.

To record for humanity the Perennial Wisdom of Who We Are, of our Origin and Essence, and of our existential predicament in such a manner that it is not lost or distorted again.

To lay a path to enlightenment consisting of practices, disciplines, exercises and processes that free the being of the human being shell.

To build an organization that preserves and teaches the Perennial Wisdom, guiding people on their growth, thus contributing to the evolution of consciousness on earth.

To be the teacher of the first generation of students who will then become teachers and guardians to carry forward the Mission.

To unite the multiplicity of religions under a single understanding by providing a verifiable, experiential spirituality.

Unify physical science with spirituality by introducing scientists to the Creator Field and replicable empirical evidence of spiritual phenomena resulting in a Unified Field Theory of Everything.